June 4th, 2016
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Manoa Innovation Center

(it's free!)

Join Code for Hawaii on June 4th for a nationwide day of action where developers, government employees, designers, journalists, data scientists, non-profit employees, UX designers, and residents who care about their communities come together to host civic tech events leveraging their skills to help their community.

Join us as we work on:

During the Code for Hawaii #CodeAcross Panel of the 2016 Unconferenz in Honolulu, the State of Hawaii CIO, Todd Nacapuy, mentioned that they have a need for matching budget data with spending. It was one of the many things that they need help with given the constraints that they face.

Our team is trying to address this need. We'll be working on a data visualization of budgeted funds versus their expenditures using the open data from the data.hawaii.gov portal.

Bikesharing is a transit system that makes it easy to rent publicly accessible bicycles at convenient locations. This benefits the community by promoting fitness, easing traffic, and reducing society's dependency on fossil fuels.

Successful bike share systems must overcome significant logistcal challenges, such as tracking bikes and ensuring bike station locations are discoverable.

Mapping the Maker Spaces in Hawaii

There will be other civic activities / projects / challenges available to work on. These challenges are related to getting a better idea of what digital government services are like and how they differ across the country. After National Day, our parent organization, Code for America will package everything together into a single document that tells the story of digital government services in America.

Thanks to High Technology Development Corporation for helping sponsor this event!